Top 3 things that taxi drivers know you hate

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Whether it’s a London Cabby taxi driver, a Belfast taxi or a Parisian taxi driver, there is a wealth of knowledge and secrets that your local taxi driver knows you hate. The past few years delivering people door-to-door, witnessing countless backseat scenarios, have given taxi drivers around the world a unique perspective on human nature. Sometimes this can be taken from one of these intrepid taxi drivers with a pint on the premises, but often their secrets accompany them to the haze of time. Here are some of these secrets rescued from oblivion.

People hate being late

There is one thing that taxi drivers know above anything else, no matter how trivial the trip, people everywhere hate to be late. When selecting a taxi in Belfast, for example, they will know that in order to keep the passenger happy, they should be at the pick-up point well in advance of the assigned pick-up time and should arrive at the destination as quickly as possible to avoid any feeling of dissatisfaction. of your passenger. The repetition of the custom is an important revenue stream for taxi drivers and taxi companies, so a good reputation will do a lot.

People hate smelly taxis

You may have wondered why the car air freshener is a staple of the interior decoration of any Belfast taxi company. Well, that’s because when you walk into a house, or if you find yourself in an office or restaurant with an unpleasant smell, it will scare you. This is the same for taxis, especially because it is a confined environment with a range of different people who come and go all day. Taxi drivers are notoriously clean fanatics and are incredibly proud of the cars, since for them there is nothing more embarrassing than a smelly taxi.

People, whether love or hate, taxi chat

A few seconds after entering a taxi, the driver, in most cases, can say whether they want to chat or not. Whether it’s something in your greeting or your comments about the destination, you will usually inform them about your wishes based on the chat. Drivers know that being cornered in a climate talk may be the last thing on your mind so they’ve developed almost a sixth sense about it. The next time you take a taxi, see if your taxi driver does it right or not. You will be surprised at how good the judges can be.

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